Graphic Design

A creative problem-solving stategy that communicates the client's service or goods, with well thought and impacting graphics through visual layout of design.

Print Media graphic design is challenging to the degree that it is 2 dimensional, unlike web or multimedia which allows the viewer to be guided through the layout through moving objects. Print media is a static design. It must be carefully thought out, visually balanced, yet simple and interesting to communicate effectively to the customer.

We can create any type of printed materials, from Logos & Stationary, to Brochures & Flyers, to Annual Reports & Tradeshow Graphics to name a few.

After all, graphic design is supposed to be the fun part of business. So let's get creative!



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Eye on You Security Systems hires WBC to create and maintain their first web site to market their new company! (new!)

Info Media Books hires WBC to add e-commerce and a new look for their web site!(new!)

German Shepherd Companions comes to WBC for a clean look for their new website!